Comprehensive Internal Medicine

Your Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

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One of the most fundamental elements of practice for Dr. Scranton and his staff is their commitment to delivering the very best. With that in mind, we are proud to be one of the first offices committed toward implementing a fully electronic office, minimizing turnaround and maximizing accuracy.

Dr. Scranton has used and developed his office electronic medical record (EMR), since the initial implementation, February 2004. This makes your medical information increasingly more available and useable, and provides you with a level of serviceability we could only previously imagine. A patient’s office encounter is captured and sent to your appropriate consultants, even before you have left the office. If a drug is recalled or a disease entity can be addressed with a newly available study, our EMR registry can pull up the patients that are affected instantly.

Escribing, efaxing and rapid printing of prescriptions is another tangible asset to both the patient and the office. Our office can communicate via computer to computer with every major Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) in the country. The turnaround is hours, not days. We efax when we cannot escribe. This also saves time but is not as efficient. In addition, when all else fails, we can print them out for you, alleviating errors in interpreting hand written scripts. This is no small task, as many patients are changing PBM companies yearly, requiring rewriting all of the patient’s prescriptions.

Many more practical and palpable services and functions can be provided because of the EMR. Additionally, error rates are rapidly dropping as other services are quickly shifting to similar capabilities in their service area. It is an evolution in which the patient benefits, without added expense.