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The Online Brain Fitness Quiz measures Verbal Memory and Executive Functioning and is easy to take. The quiz is similar to tests used by medical specialists and researchers for the evaluation of disorders of Verbal Memory and Executive Functioning. You can take the Online Brain Fitness Quiz as often as you like. After taking the test, you can print or download a copy of the results. Take a copy to your physician or psychologist if you want to discuss your results with them. Please understand that, while the measures in the Online Brain Fitness Quiz are highly valid and reliable, they are not diagnostic of any specific condition. They simply indicate the status of your Verbal Memory and Executive Functioning at a point in time. Whether the results are clinically significant should be decided by your doctor.

Note that the test can be taken in private, and the results are completely confidential to you. No personal information or identifiers are collected. You are asked your age only to allow scoring of the test by the computer.

System Requirements Minimum Screen Resolution of 800x600 Internet Explorer 9 or greater or any Gecko (Mozilla/5.0) based browser, which includes the current Mozilla, FireFox, and Safari browsers.





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