Comprehensive Internal Medicine

Our Philosophy

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Dr. Scranton and his medical staff are committed to you and will work extremely hard to make sure patients receive the best treatment available. Thorough assessment, evaluation, and documentation allow patients to completely understand their medical situation and the process Dr. Scranton will use to keep you healthy. This attention to detail allows Dr. Scranton and his staff to work closely with other support services necessary for patient health including physician consultants, therapists, pharmaceutical services, and home health agencies. As a patient of Dr. Scranton, you know that you are given the attention you deserve and the confidence that you are in good hands.

Dr. Scranton’s practice provides healthcare for accepted patients over the age of 40. He enjoys the challenge of discovering his patients’ medical issues, determining ways in which to balance the complexity of each, and offering a regimen which give the patient a road to improved health. For many, Dr. Scranton often uncovers familial and behavioral risks which may not be relevant at the time of discovery, however, they could be important issues ten or twenty years later. He takes an all encompassing method of patient evaluation in order to practice comprehensive preventative medicine.