Comprehensive Internal Medicine

Patient Information

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Dr. Scranton and his staff will do whatever is necessary to help his patients, within reason. However, there is no substitution for the care of your family and friends, and most importantly, your ability to use your own intelligence to make decisions. As a patient, you have just as many responsibilities as does Dr. Scranton and his staff. Our goal is to keep you healthy, but there is no chance for success if you, the patient, do not take a role of active participation.

Dr. Scranton’s office will do everything in their power to make sure that you are provided with timely appointments, diagnostic skills for your own self-evaluation, and the best available consultants to offer valuable alternate diagnoses. These will be matched to your needs and personality. As the patient, you must also remain responsible. You must participate by taking your medications, discussing your concerns and making us aware of any new symptoms or conditions. Appointment agendas must be reasonable and the issues discussed must fit in the time allowed. If you have questions, please bring them with you to your appointment so that we might discuss them at that time. Your appointment is your time to discuss your issues! Please make the most of it by jotting down any concerns that you might have so that you won't forget them. Making and keeping timely appointments are critical. Dr. Scranton and his office understand that your time is valuable as well, and will do their best to remain on schedule. We look forward to working with you to meet your healthcare needs. Please refer to the information below to answer any other questions you might have.



If you need to have a prescription filled, please have your pharmacist fax, efax or eScribe the request to us. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and courtesy, but please anticipate your request. We will send your prescription back to the pharmacist as quickly as possible. As a pharmacy generality, this process takes about two hours. However, don't take chances. Plan ahead so that you won't be without your medication!


Lab Testing

Dr. Scranton may order lab tests to be done for you. Some of these lab tests may require that you do not eat or drink after midnight, the evening before the lab work is performed. Please check to make sure that this does/does not apply to you. If you are told that you are to be fasting or NPO (nothing by mouth) for your particular test, that means you cannot eat or drink anything other than water, black coffee (NO SUGAR OR CREAM), or unsweetened tea. Check with the medical assistant or doctor as to whether you should refrain from taking your regular medications the morning the lab work is to be drawn. In most cases, you will take your medicines as usual. It is very important that you follow the instructions that you are given carefully so that your lab work won't have to be repeated unnecessarily.

Diagnostic Testing

If you are instructed to have a diagnostic test performed such as an x-ray or MRI, you may be given a sheet explaining any preparation that needs to be done for the test. In some instances, the preparation will be explained when you make the appointment for the test. It is essential that you follow the guidelines that you are given for the prep exactly. This will give you more accurate results and Dr. Scranton will be able to provide you with the best information about your condition and your health. When having the test performed, please request that Dr. Scranton's name be listed as the referring physician. Although the order for the test has been submitted with his name, this secondary measure will help to ensure that your results are forwarded to your medical record in a timely fashion.



Should you have questions about the billing process, please contact Premier Physician Billing, Inc at 727.738.8416 and they will be happy to address all of your inquiries.